Longhouse Days

Longhouse Days

Watch and listen as little boy remembers what it was like growing up in a Rungus longhouse and a rapidly changing world.

(available in the Malay language, which is narrated by the author, Jainal Amabing)

About the author

Jainal Amambing hails from Sabah, East Malaysia on the island of Borneo. His works have appeared in a number of exhibitions and art activities organized by the Sabah Art Gallery. He has won many art competitions and awards at State and International level such as the Sabah Annual Art Selection and the The Noma Concours, Accu, UNESCO, Tokyo Japan where he won the Second prize in 2006 and 2000; was runner up in 2004 and 2002 and received the Encouragement Prize in 2008 and 1998.

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Animation by Darren Baya

Darren earned his degree in Multimedia Design from Swinburne University of technology Sarawak campus. He is into graphics designing, motion graphics, and 3D animation. His interest in storytelling and culture drag himself into joining Scubazoo since 2017. He always looking forward to experiments new animation technique and art styles to enhanced Scubazoo’s production and always continue to expand his field of studies.

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