Conservation Short Films

Through stunning cinematography and compelling storytelling, we’ll highlight the many
environmental and conservation threats our world is facing – both on land and below the waves.

We hope our films will raise public awareness and inspire people to care about our planet and
its inhabitants; and most importantly, to act and make changes to support and protect it!

Samsung Over The Horizon 2019 Making of

With the Samsung OTH 2019 Making of film, Scubazoo intentionally crafted this project with the use of breathtaking underwater imagery illustrating the global importance of our planet’s marine environment and incredible marine biodiversity. The team talk of their experiences of witnessing the threats our oceans and marine life face on a global scale and how each and every one of us individually or working together can make a difference and save this incredible and vitally important ecosystem.

Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans highlights very real problem of everyday plastic, the profound effect this has on our oceans and how we can change that!

Save Sabah’s Sharks

Save Sabah’s Sharks is a film championing sharks and explaining why we should protect and save these apex predators.

Sunbear release

Two of the world’s smallest bears – the sun bear, get a second chance and are released to live in the wild!

Rhino in 60 seconds

These majestic creates are desperately close to extinction – Here’s what we can all do to help!

Rainforest in 60 seconds

The rainforests are the lungs of our Earth – beautiful, functional and precious. Watch this video and inspire change.

Plastic Pollution in 60 seconds

Manta Ray Madness in the Maldives

All we need to know about this majestic sea creature.

SZtv Wildlife Feature: Bornean Orangutan

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