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Discover and experience, the best features, of the best diving from all over the world … without ever getting your feet wet!
We’ll take you to remote locations, show you unique experiences and inspire awe – You’ll want to discover it yourself!

Samsung Over The Horizon 2019 Music Video

The Samsung OTH 2019 Music Video was filmed entirely on location around the beaches and coral reefs of the world-famous Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo and Iconic Abbey Road Music Studios in London. Revel in the majesty and incredible marine biodiversity that Sipadan has to offer whilst being serenaded by the 70 Piece London Philharmonia Orchestra.

Searching for Dinosaurs

‘Searching for Dinosaurs’ is filmed in the Kei islands, one of the last untouched paradises of Indonesia.

The only known place in the world where regular sightings and underwater encounters with Pacific Leatherback turtles are guaranteed, Kei is slowly opening up to tourists.

These majestic creatures are rapidly disappearing. Over the last three years Scubazoo have been organising trips to Kei and even though they are long, hot and tiring days searching in small boats, the encounters were well worth it.

Being a remote location, hardly any tourists have visited Kei, liveaboards don’t even visit much and yet the marine life is stunning. The bay is full of jellyfish, spinner dolphins, melon-headed whales, bait balls, sailfish, schools of barracuda, needlefish and plenty of sea snakes on the secret seamount. And of course, several leatherback turtles providing unforgettable experiences.

Maratua Trip

Maratua and the surrounding islands are one of the ultimate dive destinations, where you can experience everything from a tiny pygmy seahorse, to the largest fish in the sea – the whale shark.

Located in the Derawan Archipelago, off the north coast of East Kalimantan, the area boasts some of the highest marine diversity in the world which can be clearly seen as you swim through the crystal-clear waters past pristine coral reefs and huge schools of fish. It also has the attraction of a jellyfish lake, feeding whale sharks and the mantas that cruise around the island Sangalaki. What a dream diving destination!

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