About SZtv

SZtv’s story begins with Scubazoo, one of the world’s leading natural history filming and photography companies. Having spent over 20 years filming blue-chip documentaries for the likes of the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel we’ve scoured oceans, scaled mountains, sweated it out in jungles crossed deserts and navigated the ice caps to capture Earth’s most charismatic creatures on film – some never seen before.

Now, we’re taking everything we’ve learned and embarking on a new mission: to bring you the natural world in the most inspiring and entertaining ways – accessible to everyone online. The result is SZtv.

SZtv brings together stunning cinematography and compelling storytelling, in brand new formats tailored for the demands of modern, online audiences. Through pioneering filmmaking and high-quality natural history content, SZtv will not only showcases the best nature offers, but also highlight the many environmental threats it faces.

From sharks disappearing into bowls of shark fin soup, to orangutans losing their homes to deforestation, our team of ultra-intrepid cameramen and photographers have seen it all. Believing wildlife conservation and raising public awareness is vitally important for the future of our planet, our aim is to make stories as captivating and exhilarating to watch as it is being there ourselves.

Welcome to SZtv. You’ll be amazed, and appalled. You’ll laugh, and maybe cry. But afterwards, you won’t look at our natural world the same way again …