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Scubazoo’s Team is a highly experienced and multi-talented bunch who love to film both on land and in water. Over the past 20 years, Scubazoo has been involved in hundreds of different film projects whether filming or handling all location management, for the likes of BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, ABC, CBC, CNN and many many more.

This is a sample of some of the underwater footage we have shot over the past few years.

All available for licensing – please email / for license enquiries.

Watch our latest 4K dazzling coral reef video.

Maliau Basin is a pristine rainforest, home to a diverse range of species of flora and fauna.

Featuring stunning aerials and waterfalls from this rare and untouched primary rainforest.

Let us take you on an escape into the skies!

Come soar over epic mountains, swoop over magnificent marine beasts and glide over the rainforest canopy … we hope you enjoy the ride!

Underwater 4K Ultra HD footage of soft coral

Please turn on annotations and ‘original quality’ for best viewing experience

Scubazoo Environmental Aerial Showreel

Warning: the following showreel contains images which viewers may find disturbing.

To all our clients and friends, Please take a moment to view this profoundly moving short aerial film.

Stay safe and well and make choices which make a difference!

Apex predator fleeing from a turtle!

We all get scared sometimes… even sharks! Check out this apex predator fleeing from a turtle!

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