Fun Facts

  1. A frogfish’s mouth can expand to 12 times its normal size, allowing it to eat all kinds of prey.
  2. Frogfish are carnivores – they will eat all kinds of meat, but mainly fish and crustaceans (crabs and shrimps).
  3. Frogfish rarely swim, they walk around using their pectoral fins.
  4. Most animals use camouflage to hide from other predators, but frogfish
    can also use camouflage to pretend to be a meal for other prey. This is called aggressive mimicry.
  5. Frogfish are ambush predators, they hunt using the element of surprise.
  6. Any prey that gets close enough to the frogfish’s mouth can be swallowed in the blink of an eye – about 6 milliseconds!


  • There are around 46 species of frogfish in tropical and temperate seas.
  • The colour of their body usually depends on their habitat and they are commonly white, red, black, green, brown or yellow, although some do have spots, hairs and crazy patterns! Colour can vary within a
    species, making them difficult to identify.
  • The frogfish is a bottom-dwelling fish and it usually inhabits coral reefs. The Sargassum frogfish likes to hang around in seaweed though, near the surface of the ocean.
  • Frogfish are usually solitary, meaning they like to hang out by themselves, not in groups.
  • Frogfish can live for up to 20 years in the wild.


Some species of frogfish guard and protect their eggs until they hatch.


The frogfish is able to change its colour to blend in with its environment. This is not a quick process though and can take up to 2 weeks.


Some species have a lure which resembles a worm, fish or other tasty treat. They wiggle this in front of their mouths to attract prey, which they then gobble up!

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