Longhouse Days

Longhouse Days Watch and listen as little boy remembers what it was like growing up in a Rungus longhouse and a rapidly changing world. (available in the Malay language, which is narrated by the author, Jainal Amabing) About the author Jainal Amambing hails from Sabah, East Malaysia on the island of Borneo. His works have appeared in a number of … Read More

Release of ‘Montom’, the Rehabilitated Sun Bear

Release of ‘Montom’, the Rehabilitated Sun Bear On 10th July 2020, the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) team reintroduced their eighth release candidate Montom (a six years old adult male sun bear) into the wild. Rescued from Kampung Melangkap, Kota Marudu on 18 January 2015, Montom was originally taken as a cub after a dog chased away his mother. … Read More

Maratua Blue

Maratua Blue Towards the end of November 2019, Simon Enderby and Gil Woolley joined the intrepid explorers from KL based ‘DiveOrbit’, on a week’s adventures around the East Kalimantan Islands of Maratua, Kakaban, Sangalaki and all waters in-between! With flat seas, sunshine and white fluffy clouds, our arrival at the Maratua Blue Resort was impressive to say the least. Newly … Read More

Searching for Dinosaurs

Searching for Dinosaurs ‘Searching for Dinosaurs’ is filmed in the Kei islands, one of the last untouched paradises of Indonesia. The only known place in the world where regular sightings and underwater encounters with Pacific Leatherback turtles are guaranteed, Kei is slowly opening up to tourists. These majestic creatures are rapidly disappearing. Over the last three years Scubazoo have been … Read More

Borneo Jungle Diaries 2

Borneo Jungle Diaries (Season 2) The official trailer for Borneo Jungle Diaries Season 2 is here! The world’s wildest scientists are back! Joining them to unravel the mysteries of the jungle is Borneo native, actress and student Alexandra Alexander. But out of her comfort zone, how will she cope in the second season of Borneo Jungle Diaries?! Special thanks to: … Read More

Timor-Leste from Below | Official Trailer

Timor-Leste from Below – a scuba diving web series set in the back of beyond… (Official trailer) Unspoilt, raw and magical, Timor-Leste’s marine world is unlike anywhere else on Earth. Cut off from the rest of the world for decades, the waters surrounding this isolated island are one of our ocean’s last frontiers. Many globally endangered species seek refuge in … Read More