Time-lapse cameras help save Sharks and Rays | Borneo Ocean Diaries (S01E07) | SZtv

Alex returns to Sandakan to meet MRF scientist, KC, who has become a bit of a technology wiz through the innovative use of remote time-lapse cameras to monitor fishing trawlers and the their catch. By-catch from trawlers is a big environmental issue and whilst walking round the local fish market Alex and KC discover baby sharks and stingrays for sale. Alex learns of the importance of sharks to a healthy marine ecosystem and how KC’s research can improve the sustainability of the fishermen at the same time as saving sharks and rays in the future.

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Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Environment Sabah, Sabah Tourism Board, Sabah Parks, Marine Research Foundation, PADI, Borneo Divers, Reef Check Malaysia, Shangri-La Tanjung Aru, Sutera@Mantanani Resort
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